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All Aboard the Wrestling Express! DDT Pro-Wrestling makes history with world’s first bullet train match in Tokyo

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« In a groundbreaking event, DDT Pro-Wrestling revolutionised the industry by hosting the world’s first Bullet Train match in Tokyo on Monday. Minoru Suzuki and CyberFight President Sanshiro Takagi showcased their indomitable skills on a Shinkansen, creating a historic moment in professional wrestling.
In a display of raw power and technique, Suzuki clinched victory with his signature move, the Gotch Piledriver.
What made this event truly sensational was the surprise appearances of multiple DDT wrestlers. Legends Kenta Kobashi and Jun Akiyama also graced the ring.
Akiyama, dressed in his ring gear, attempted to aid Takagi by holding Suzuki for a powerful punch. However, fate intervened, and Suzuki evaded, resulting in Akiyama accidentally getting hit and falling to the floor.
In an unexpected twist, Kenta Kobashi, still exuding his fierce spirit in a suit, entered the match and engaged in a fierce chest-chopping exchange with Suzuki.
But the surprises continued as Kazunari Murakami, a wrestler and former MMA fighter who happened to be on the same train, took offence to Takagi’s boisterous behaviour. The Bullet Train not only showcased incredible athletic prowess but also provided an arena for unexpected twists and turns. »


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