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‘Best way to protect her’ – New coach Montse Tome explains why Jenni Hermoso not on Spain women’s squad

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« Montserrat ‘Montse’ Tome explained why she did not include Jennifer Hermoso in Spain’s new women’s squad, as she held her first press conference as the new head coach in Madrid on Friday.
“We are with Jennifer (Hermoso) in everything, and with all the players. We believe that the way to help them is to be close to them and listen to them. I, who is the person most responsible, as well as my staff, believe that the best way to protect her in this call-up is like this. »
Tome has included 15 players in the new squad from those who won the World Cup for the upcoming Nations League matches with Hermoso notably absent.
« I trust that the players are professionals, they come from World Champions, they love the profession, and being on the Spanish team is a privilege, I know they will be with us here tomorrow, » she said.
Most of the national team players are still on strike over the scandal involving former Spanish Football Association president Luis Rubiales kissing midfielder Jennifer Hermoso on the lips during World Cup celebrations.
Rubiales stepped down on Sunday, September 10, after the kissing incident, which was described as non-consensual by Hermoso. Rubiales has defended it as ‘mutual and consensual’.
Since Rubiales resigned, 39 players, including the vast majority of World Cup participants, have said they still have no plans to return until further changes are made.
A Spanish judge issued a restraining order on Friday banning the former head of Spain’s football federation from going near the player or contacting her in any way in a lawsuit over charges of sexual assault and coercion.
The national team is set to play their next matches in the Nations League against Sweden and Switzerland. »


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