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Central Bank of Iran unveils release of €5.77 billion unfrozen assets from Qatar

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« The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Mohammad Reza Farzin, announced the forthcoming release of €5.77 billion ($6.12 billion) unfrozen assets from Qatar, speaking during a statement in Tehran.
In his statement, Farzin revealed that the funds, which were initially held in South Korea and then transferred to Switzerland for conversion into euros, will be transferred on October 18th.
« Yesterday we received an official letter from Qatari officials that the deposits of the six Iranian banks have been activated and today 5,773,492,000 Euros have been transferred to the deposit of six Iranian banks in Dukhan and Ahlibank,” said Farzin.
The six Iranian banks involved in the asset release agreements are Keshavarzi, Saman, Pasargad, Gardeshgari, Kar-Afrin, and Shahr. Payments related to these assets will be facilitated through international Qatari banks and the SWIFT system.
Farzin emphasised that these funds, part of Iran’s currency reserves and Rials, will be used to bolster the Iranian Rial and serve the country’s national interests. He also noted that Iran is actively pursuing the release of its frozen assets in other countries.
This release of frozen assets follows an exchange deal with Washington, which included releasing US prisoners from Iran and unfreezing Iranian assets in South Korea. »


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