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Colombian government, FARC representatives arrive in Suarez to discuss ceasefire

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« Delegations of the Colombian government and the Estado Mayor Central (EMC), a prominent dissident faction of the now-dissolved FARC, have concluded a three-day meeting to discuss the installation date of a peace dialogue table and a ceasefire on Monday.
Footage features delegations’ vehicles arriving in a rural area of Suarez, in the department of Cauca.
The meeting is taking place with the support of the international community, as announced by the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace (OACP).
According to media reports, the discussions will focus on setting a date for peace negotiations and establishing a bilateral ceasefire. This marks a significant development, as the government and the EMC have been working throughout the year to reach these agreements amid ongoing tensions.
While the government and EMC previously implemented a ceasefire in January, it was partially broken in May, with dissidents involved in acts of violence in various regions. The EMC’s Jaime Martinez front recently reportedly announced a ‘unilateral suspension of offensive actions’ in its operational area in light of the ongoing meeting in Cauca.
However, the EMC has faced scrutiny due to an escalation in offensive actions in Cauca, where a wave of violence has impacted local communities. According to reports, dissidents have attacked police stations in several towns, resulting in casualties, including civilian deaths.
The EMC, led by ‘Ivan Mordisco,’ consists of approximately 3,000 individuals who have expanded their territorial control and intensified attacks against security forces. »

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