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Grandfather’s clock – 103-year-old watch repair expert from Fukui proves age is just a number

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« 103-year-old Yoichi Ishida continues to work as a watch repair specialist despite his advancing years, as seen in footage from Fukui, on northern coast of Japan, on Sunday.
« I always feel like I am 80 years old. When people think of age, they really become old. As the word ‘dis-ease’ implies, illness comes from the mind, and people with a strong mind do not get sick easily, » he claimed.
Footage shows the expert working in his office, which has a large number of clocks and watches. He can also be seen looking through his personal archive from World War 2, when he served in the air force, repairing planes.
« Doing nothing is boring, » he continued. « In the end, I feel most at home sitting here like this. Now I’m too old to sit for long, but in the past, if I sat down, I would do it until I felt like sleeping, whether it was 1 or 2 o’clock at night, » he declared.
Yoichi Ishida also emphasised that his day job isn’t about the money but about the joy of fixing and repairing watches – and the reaction from his clients.
« A family sent me a pillar clock from Kumamoto from the Meiji era. I fixed it and sent it back to them, and they sent me a picture of their whole family, » he explained. « The whole family is happy to see the clock working like this for the first time in 40 years. »
The centenarian says he wants to become Japan’s oldest person, having first begun his career as an apprentice at a watch store at the age of 15. »


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