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Iranian citizens imprisoned in US return to Tehran as part of prisoner swap deal

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« Mehdad Moein Ansari and Reza Sarhang, Iranian citizens imprisoned in US prisons, returned to Tehran on Tuesday as part of a prisoners swap deal between Iran and the US.
Reza Sarhang commented on his detention, stating that he was accused of endangering US interests by violating sanctions on Iran, and the prosecution against him was based on allegations without providing any evidence.
“My detention story is just like a [bad] humour. Regarding my detention, the US administration accused me of endangering the US interests by neglecting its sanctions on Iran. So the prosecution against me was just based on the mind reading of the US, the allegations they didn’t provide any evidence on it,” explained Sarhang.
Alireza Bigdeli, Deputy of Iran’s Foreign Minister in Consular Affairs, mentioned that the reasons for the arrests prolonged negotiations but ultimately led to the return of these individuals to Iran.
“The reasons that the US used for arresting these gentlemen, as you, said finally resulted in prolonging the negotiations, but by applying diplomatic and negotiating methods, fortunately, today we are witnessing these gentlemen’s presence [ in Iran],” said Bigdeli.
Out of the five Iranian citizens released, two have returned to Iran, two remain in the US, and one is sent to a third-party country.
This release of frozen assets follows an exchange deal with Washington, which included releasing US and Iranian prisoners from both countries and unfreezing Iranian assets in South Korea. »


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