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‘Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan’ – Erdogan asserts Azerbaijan’s claim to Karabakh at UN General Assembly in New York

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« Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Armenia of « not taking the utmost opportunity of this historical chance » with regards to negotiations with Azerbaijan during a speech at the United Nations’ General Assembly on Tuesday.
« We have supported the negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia from the very beginning. However, Armenia is not taking the utmost opportunity of this historical chance. We expect a comprehensive peace agreement to be signed between the two countries as soon as possible and promises to be quickly fulfilled with the opening of the Zangegur corridor, » Erdogan stated.
Emphasising Turkey’s position on the territorial dispute, President Erdogan firmly declared, « Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan, any other status imposed will never be accepted. »
He also called for « recent negativities » between the two countries to be condemned.
In his statement, President of Turkey extended his commitment to a humanitarian initiative that has already been extended three times.
« We have a new plan whereby another one million tons of grain will be released to the countries in dire need around the world. Our aim is to make the greatest possible contribution to the world peace and prosperity in the face of the conflicts around us, » he went on to announce.
During the day, Azerbaijan launched a military operation in Nagorno Karabakh demanding the « total and unconditional » withdrawal of Armenian troops from this region which has been the subject of a dispute between the two countries for decades.
Armenia denounced a campaign of « ethnic cleansing » following the deaths of 25 people as a result of the Azeri offensive. »

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