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Ready to steal the parade’s thunder! Canine brigade trains adorable pooches ahead of annual military parade

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« One of the most anticipated moments of the annual Military Parade is undoubtedly the participation of the Carabineros de Chile dogs, which never fails to evoke tenderness among the spectators.
In preparation for the 2023 Military Parade, members of the Carabineros de Chile canine brigade were spotted training their adorable recruits in Santiago, on Monday one day before the parade.
This year, the final preparations and training took place at the Santiago canine centre, situated in the heart of the city on San Cristobal hill. There, the dogs underwent marching exercises, socialising with other dogs, and familiarised themselves with different sounds to avoid distractions during the parade. Additionally, they received meticulous grooming and care to ensure they were in perfect condition for the military event.
Fernanda Rubilar, Lieutenant of the Canine Training Group, expressed pride in the canine brigade’s work, stating that the work of socialisation is finished, which usually takes most of the time.
The hounds are scheduled to march alongside members of the Chilean armed forces in the yearly parade, which has been held for over a century and is traditionally part of the country’s Independence Day holidays. »


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