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‘The situation is unbearable’ – Greece’s Thessaly locals pile up damaged houses’ furniture after devastating Storm Daniel

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« Residents of Thessaly were seen piling up their furniture outside their houses on Monday as the devastating storm Daniel that affected the region in the past few weeks left a huge path of destruction inside their homes.
Footage shows locals disposing of damaged furniture piled up outside their houses. The aftermath of the natural disaster has compelled community members to organise donations of clothing and food for those in need.
« The situation here, as you can see, is desperate. The house is no longer habitable. But where should we go? My niece is hosting us, and now we have 11 people in one house. She also hosts my father-in-law, who is 96 years old. The situation is unbearable, » said Ourania, a resident of Thessaly.
Apostolis, a local breeder, stated that the professionals were facing difficulties providing food and shelter to the animals and declared that in the past few years, the Greek government has abandoned the region.
« We thank the volunteers who offered to donate animal feed so we could spend a few days. It’s been so long since everyone abandoned us, » he said.
According to local media reports, the floods covered an area of approximately 72,000 hectares, and over 85,000 animals have drowned or had their shelters destroyed.
At least 16 people have reportedly died in the country following the floods. »


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