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‘Think about what else that means’ – Munich residents concerned about rising fuel prices

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« Munich residents shared their opinions and concerns regarding the increase in gasoline prices in Germany on Tuesday.
“It’s something important because I personally try to be sustainable. I mean, I tend to ride my bike, I tend to take the bus or the subway, but today was a coincidence. I’m driving the car today. Like I said, it’s a bit strange. That means I don’t pay that much more. But actually, you have to think about what else that means. So, that means an increase in the prices of our food, our clothing, everything we buy”, said Pablo, a driver who stopped by a gas station.
“I think that applies to everyone, because everything that moves needs fuel in some way, so of course not all means of transport, but some, I would even say the majority. And in this regard, all prices are simply increased, because of this increase in the price of gasoline too. Yes, I think that applies to everyone. And privately with the car yes, but because my friend has a company benefit and therefore we don’t have to pay for it, of course it’s not that direct, but still, I think in general, the prices will rise because of the gasoline prices”, agreed Anna, another car driver of the city.
According to local media reports, the price of super E5 petrol surpassed 2 euros per litre at the beginning of September, after a drop in prices over the summer. For diesel, which lost part of its subsidy this year, the price per litre hit 2.16 euros in the same period. »

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