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Thousands of Guatemalan president-elect supporters gather in front of Supreme Court amid vote fraud allegations

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« Thousands of newly elected President Bernardo Arevalo supporters staged a protest in front of the Guatemalan Supreme Court of Justice in Guatemala City on Monday, as Arevalo called on his supporters to protest attempts to obstruct his presidency before taking office.
The President-elect has filed his first complaint against the country’s Attorney General Office.
As per the reports from local media, the attorney general’s office is conducting investigations into the alleged fraud in Arevalo’s election registration. However, international observers have noted that there is no evidence to support the claim.
Supporters could be seen waving flags and chanting as Arevalo addresses the crowd, expressing his determination to remove corrupt individuals from institutions. Demonstrators insist that the people’s decision to elect Arevalo should be respected, emphasizing the need for a smooth transition of power.
« Only together will we remove from the institutions the corrupt people who have hijacked them, » Arevalo said.
Ester Segura, one of the demonstrators, said that the people elected Arevalo and their decision should be maintained, as authorities must respect their votes and the country’s citizens.
« We hope that President Arevalo takes office on January 14, and if not, we will be there because he has to come to power, » she said.
According to local media reports, the Attorney General’s Office sees irregularities in the polls held on August 20 won by Arevalo and pursues investigations regarding the registration of Arevalo’s party, Seed Movement.
It is also reported that agents from the office opened boxes of votes and took pictures of their contents, which is considered a violation of Guatemala’s electoral law. »

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