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‘We continue to stand irrevocably on Ukraine’s side’ – State Secretary Moller at Ramstein meeting as Berlin announces extra €400 million in weaponry

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« State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Defence Siemtje Moller said that Berlin would stand ‘irrevocably’ by Ukraine’s side and continue to support the fight against what she called the ‘Russian criminal war’, during a press briefing in Ramstein on Tuesday.
« We have also made it very clear that we continue to stand irrevocably on Ukraine’s side. And will continue to support them in their brave fight against the Russian criminal war, » she said.
Moller was standing in for Defence Minister Boris Pistorius who she said ‘unfortunately has COVID’, during the latest meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group, a US-led alliance of more than 50 countries backing Kiev with military equipment during the conflict with Russia.
Speaking just a day after Pistorius announced 400 million euros in military aid to Ukraine, Moller added that ‘Germany will have trained 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers by the end of the year’.
« When it comes to military support, perhaps you can sum it up like this, with 8 billion euros in what we have achieved so far, we are in first place in Europe and second in the world after the USA, » she said.
While Ukraine has welcomed ongoing arms deliveries, Russia has accused Western countries of escalating the conflict, saying they will only prolong the fighting and won’t change the outcome.
Moller also welcomed Ukraine’s new Defence Minister Rustem Umerov, replacing Oleksii Reznikov, who was sacked earlier this month amid allegations of corruption at the ministry, which she said made the meeting ‘a very special one’.
The secretary added that while ‘Russia continues to relentlessly advance military operations in Ukraine’, she claimed that ‘the Ukrainian counteroffensive also managed to achieve some successes’ in ‘small but steady steps’.
Moscow has alleged that the latest counter-offensive has failed. Some Western officials have criticised the pace while Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba recently said that critics should ‘shut up’, during a press briefing. »


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