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đź”´ Live: General Debate at 78th United Nations General Assembly: day 2 – afternoon session

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« The second day of the General Debate at the 78th United Nations General Assembly continues at UN HQ in New York City on Wednesday September 20, with the afternoon session.

High-level delegations have the opportunity to discuss global challenges related to peace, security, and sustainable development.

The General Debate concludes on September 26.

List of Speakers (PROVISIONAL)

1 Estonia

2 Comoros

3 Dominican Republic

4 Republic of Moldova

5 Sierra Leone

6 Monaco

7 Chile

8 Mongolia

9 Mauritania

10 Liberia

11 Democratic Republic of Congo

12 Eswatini

13 Marshall Islands

14 Botswana

15 Italy

16 Spain

17 Sao Tome and Principe

18 Belgium

19 Lebanon

20 Libya »


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