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‘Act now’ – Bavarian PM Soder visits Austrian border to demand tighter migration measures

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« Bavarian Prime Minister Dr Markus Soder visited the Austrian border in Freilassing on Wednesday, where he called for tighter measures on migration and criticised the European Union and federal government for what he described as an inability to streamline asylum procedures.
“We are very much in favour of protecting the EU’s external borders. Until the EU’s external borders are completely protected, it is our responsibility to protect our own country and make it safer, » Soder told a gathering of journalists.
“We say yes to humanity, but we say no to illegal immigration. We think that we now need a change in Germany, we are surprised that there is ultimately no real reaction from the federal government, » he continued.
Soder also described Germany as a ‘brake’ for migrants travelling through the European continent and claimed other nations refuse to cooperate with Berlin to take in more asylum seekers for ‘ideological reasons’.
“This not only has a problem with our municipalities being overwhelmed, but it can also lead to a destabilization of our democracy. And that’s why the traffic lights must finally act now instead of blocking an improved situation, » the Bavarian prime minister added.
The government German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been placed under increasing pressure from state leaders to strengthen border controls amid a surge of irregular migrants arriving at the country’s borders this year.
According to local reports, the Bavarian border has seen 2,085 unauthorized entries this year, up 26 per cent from the same period last year. »

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