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Cap-tain Messi! Argentine students create stunning mosaic tribute to World Cup hero from plastic bottle tops

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« In a breathtaking display of creativity, students from Nuestra Senora de Lourdes Institute in Grand Bourg have paid homage to soccer legend Lionel Messi through an awe-inspiring mural made entirely of plastic bottle caps.
Working alongside artist Sebastian Ramirez, the students unveiled the mural on Tuesday, featuring Messi’s victorious moment holding the World Cup amidst three stars, a miniature Messi figure, and the heartfelt message, ‘Thank you, captain.’ Notably, the mural showcases incredible attention to detail, including Messi’s tattoos.
Over 150 students were involved in the production of this mosaic, contributing to the planning, material preparation, separation of caps, and meticulous image creation using about 90,000 caps.
Originally, the plan was to use 80,000 caps, but the students were determined to surpass that figure, leading to the addition of stars and the phrase ‘thank you, captain.’
« We used 90,000 caps, we were even going to use 80,000 because that was the number we used last year, but the boys wanted to surpass it, so we looked for an excuse and added the stars, the phrase thank you, captain, » explained Sebastian Ramirez, the teacher in charge.
The viral masterpiece initially appeared to be a painting but is, in fact, a mosaic crafted from an astonishing collection of 90,000 caps, all sourced from plastic bottles. Each cap was diligently painted to achieve the desired tones, and the figure’s outline was meticulously marked on the base before being adorned with thousands of caps.
This remarkable endeavour represents not only the collaboration of six school classes but also the involvement of enthusiastic volunteers who joined the project.
Crafted with painstaking precision, this project involved over 100 students and several school courses, along with enthusiastic volunteers. It’s a testament to the fusion of art, teamwork, and gratitude for a sporting icon like Messi. »


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