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Colombian government, FARC dissident agree to begin ceasefire, set a date for peace talks in Suarez

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« Authorities of the Colombian government and the Estado Mayor (EMC), a prominent dissident faction of the now-dissolved FARC, agreed on Tuesday in Suarez to begin peace talks on October 8 and start a 10-month bilateral ceasefire on the same day. The move came following the conclusion of a three-day meeting between both sides.
Footage shows representatives of the Colombian government and the EMC signing the document, as well as other international authorities, including UN members, present during the meeting.
« As the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the army of the people, we have always had this expectation. We have always been ready to reach these territories so that this longed-for peace can be built from there, » said Andrey Avendano, delegate of the EMC.
Danilo Rueda, Colombia’s High Commissioner for Peace, stated that Bogota approached the EMC because their peace policy is an inclusive method and said that there is no hegemony if there is respect for differences.
« To resolve differences and eventual contradictions in dialogue, » he added.
The ceasefire reportedly starts on October 8 and goes until August 8, 2024.
While the government and EMC previously implemented a ceasefire in January, it was partially broken in May, with dissidents involved in acts of violence in various regions. The EMC’s Jaime Martinez front recently reportedly announced a ‘unilateral suspension of offensive actions’ in its operational area in light of the ongoing meeting in Cauca.
However, the EMC has faced scrutiny due to an escalation in offensive actions in Cauca, where a wave of violence has impacted local communities. According to reports, dissidents have attacked police stations in several towns, resulting in casualties, including civilian deaths.
The EMC, led by Nestor Gregorio Vera Fernandez, better known as Ivan Mordisco, consists of approximately 3,400 individuals who have expanded their territorial control and intensified attacks against security forces. »


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