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‘Discriminatory and unfair practice’ – MOFA spox criticises US remarks on Huawei, slams UK report on Hong Kong

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« Spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mao Ning criticised the remarks made by the US Commerce Department on the launch of Chinese smartphone brand Huawei’s new advanced chip, claiming that ‘discriminatory and unfair practice’ undermine the principles of free and international economic trade.
« The US needs to be aware that containing and suppressing China will not stop its development, but will only make China more determined and capable in pursuing self-reliance and tech innovation, » she said.
Ning’s remarks come after Washington reportedly stated that the new phone chip made by the Chinese company may violate trade restrictions. On Tuesday, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo announced during a hearing that Washington has no evidence that Huawei can produce smartphones with advanced chips in large volumes, and she shared her discontentment following a report claiming that Huawei was able to produce an advanced device.
The spokesperson also slammed the new British report, which reportedly claimed that Beijing imposes national security law beyond national security concerns on Hong Kong and said that the legal basis for the Chinese authorities to govern Hong Kong is China’s constitution and the Basic Law of Hong Kong.
« We see in this so-called report the usual irresponsible, non-factual accusations. It is a blatant interference in matters related to Hong Kong, which are China’s internal affairs. This is also against the principles of international law and the basic norms of international relations. China strongly deplores and firmly opposes it, » Ning declared.
« The UK needs to know that no foreign interference will ever shake the Chinese government’s firm resolve to fully and faithfully implement One Country, Two Systems and no attempt to destabilise Hong Kong will ever succeed, » she added.
The spokesperson also said that Beijing ‘commends and supports’ Saudi Arabia’s efforts to ease the situation in Yemen and promote the process of political settlement of the Yemeni issue, following the five days of talks between Saudi Arabian and Houthi authorities. She also stated that Beijing hopes that relevant parties in Yemen will continue to resolve their differences through dialogue and consultation. »

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