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Galaxy ship carrying migrants arrives at Sicilian port amid growing influx

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« The Galaxy ship, carrying migrants, departed from Lampedusa and arrived at the Empedocle port in Sicily on Tuesday. This event follows a period of turbulent weather in the Central Mediterranean, which has led to an increase in the number of migrants arriving or being rescued near the Italian islands of Lampedusa and Sicily.
The footage features the ship docking and the migrants stepping out on land with volunteers handing food and water at the port.
Italian authorities are now grappling with the challenge of accommodating the growing number of migrants. The first reception centre in Lampedusa is reported to be well over its capacity. So far this year, Italy has seen nearly 126,000 migrants arriving, which is almost double the number for the same period in 2022.
Lampedusa, in particular, has experienced a significant influx of migrants, with thousands of landings this week alone, surpassing the island’s permanent population. »


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