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‘Listen to us today’ – Healthcare workers rally for hospital funding in Germany’s nationwide protest

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« Doctors, clinic managers, and healthcare representatives staged a nationwide protest on Wednesday, gathering in Berlin to address mounting concerns over surging costs in healthcare, including medicines, medical equipment, construction materials, and imminent wage increases.
They aim to avert the potential closures of clinics caused by the current financial strains, hence they are calling for immediate financial aid from the federal government.
Footage shows protesters holding signs and cardboard placards with the slogans such as, ‘Stop the death of hospitals’, and ‘Red alarm, hospitals in emergency situation’.
 »Today, we find ourselves at this very square, in the centre of our city, to convey a message to the government and the expert commission responsible for hospital affairs. If you truly wish for our country to have a robust healthcare system in the future, if you want every emergency to be treated promptly and with high quality, and if you want no one to worry about their health, then there is only one thing left to do: Save the hospitals, » a speaker addressed to the crowd of protesters.
« Save the hospitals, and you can only do that by supporting those who work in the hospitals day in and day out. Hospitals are not buildings made of concrete or steel; they are places where people care for other people. So, listen to the people, listen to the healthcare workers. Listen to us today, » he added.
Organisers of the protests estimated up to 20,000 demonstrators participating in various locations throughout the country, as reported by local media. »

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