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Pawsome heroes: Dogs demonstrate search and rescue skills at ‘graduation ceremony’ in Mexico City

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« A group of talented, highly-trained dogs showcased their specialised rescue response skills on Tuesday, as they completed their training courses at a school in Mexico City on Tuesday.
To mark the occasion, Mayor of Tlalpan Alfa Gonzalez organised a unique graduation ceremony for the second group of hounds that had undergone search and rescue training, specifically designed for companion animals.
Gonzalez emphasised the importance of pets and the need for them to be trained as search and rescue animals. She expressed her gratitude towards the graduates and highlighted their role in assisting the population during emergencies in an earthquake-prone area like Mexico City.
« It is important that if we have our pet, it is not only that, they also now become search and rescue animals. They help us the population to be better, » she said.
The mayor mentioned that there were plans for a third scheme, training 50-100 rescue dogs in the following year.
Various dog breeds, including mixed-breed rescues from the streets, participated in the programme in Mexico City. They were recognised for their valuable contributions to saving lives during natural disasters in Mexico and beyond.
« [It’s] very fun! Driving both at the same time is a lot of fun. If it’s complicated because it means that both of them pay attention to you and that they don’t get distracted, »said Noa Marcial, a dog owner and worker.
Mexico has been hit by dozens of earthquakes in the past two decades and was one of the countries to send search and rescue dogs to Turkey after its most recent deadly quake to help look for survivors buried under the rubble.

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