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Poland’s Duda compares Kiev to ‘drowning man,’ urges Ukraine to remember Polish support amidst imports dispute

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« Polish President Andrzej Duda urged Ukraine to remember Poland’s support during the ongoing conflict amid a deepening dispute over agricultural imports.
« It would be good if Ukraine remembers that it receives help from us and also to remember that we are a transit country into Ukraine, » Duda said, replying to journalists’ questions in New York City on Wednesday
The Polish president compared the current situation between Poland and Ukraine to a drowning person clinging to any available lifeline.
« After all, the proverb says: a drowning man will clutch at a straw. Indeed, a drowning person grasps at everything he can. It’s a bit like the situation between Poland and Ukraine today. Ukraine is under Russian attack, it is undoubtedly in a very difficult situation, it is grasping at everything it can. Can you blame it for that? Well, of course, you can complain about it, » he added.
Duda further remarked that he acknowledges that there are business groups with interests in Ukraine, aiming to swiftly sell grain at minimal expenses. « We have to defend ourselves against it, this is our obvious duty. Here is such a short-circuit of interests, what to say much, » he added.
Despite Poland’s support for Ukraine during the Russian-Ukraine conflict, tensions have arisen due to Poland’s recent decision to extend a ban on the importation of Ukrainian grains. Warsaw reportedly justifies this move as necessary to safeguard its own farmers.
The dispute occurred as the EU agreed to extend the ban until September 15, but lifted restrictions last week. Poland, Hungary and Slovakia reimposed their own unilateral bans amid concerns an influx would flood the market and make local produce uncompetitive. »


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