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‘Russia is launching the food prices as weapons’ – Zelensky urges for ‘real restrictions’ at UN General Assembly in NYC

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« The President of Ukraine, Volodymir Zelensky, accused Russia of using food and energy supplies as weapons amid its armed conflict against Ukraine during his address to the 78th UN General Assembly session, held in New York on Tuesday.
Zelensky highlighted that ‘there are many conventions that restrict weapons but there are no real restrictions on weaponization’. « It is a clear Russia’s attempt to weaponise the food shortage on the global market in exchange for recognition for some, if not all, of the captured territories, Russia is launching the food prices as weapons », he said.
« Many times, the world has witnessed Russia using energy as a weapon, Kremlin weaponized oil and gas to weaken the leaders of other countries and now the threat is even greater, Russia is weaponising nuclear energy », Zelensky added.
In addition to this, Zelensky commented on Russia’s nuclear threat. « History shows it was Russia who deserved nuclear disarmament the most, back in 1990s. And Russia deserves it now – terrorists have no right to hold nuclear weapons », the Ukrainian leader said.
The General Debate at the 78th session will hear from around 140 world leaders on a range of global and regional issues, including war in Ukraine, climate change, political upheaval in West Africa, economic instability, and a number of recent natural disasters.
Zelensky, as well as US President Joe Biden and Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva addressed the meeting on the first day. »


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