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‘The regime will be gone!’ – Iranian activists rally in front of UN HQ against Raisi’s visit for UN General Assembly

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« American-Iranian activists gathered in front of the United Nations headquarters, in New York, while the organisation held its General Assembly session on Tuesday.
The protesters denounced the participation of Iranian President Ebrahim
Raisi in at the gathering of world leaders, as he delivered a speech for the event. The rally also coincided with the anniversary of the nationwide protests that shook Iran following the killing of Mahsa Amini by Iranian Morality Police in September 2022.
« Whether the US wants it or not, West wants it or not, the regime will be gone. One way or another, easier or harder, but there is no doubt it will be gone and will be gone soon. So they have two options, stand up with Iranian people or take an appeasement policy, as they had. We encourage them to take the latter », said Shaim Toutounshy, one of the demonstrators.
« The government in Iran, for many years, has been guilty for prosecuting their people, restricting the rights for women and children and being very oppressive to the community », said Mashid Mosushi, another activists. « it is very important that the community understand the oppression and the terrible things this regime is doing in Iran », she added.
The General Debate at the 78th session will hear from around 140 world leaders on a range of global and regional issues, including war in Ukraine, climate change, political upheaval in West Africa, economic instability, and a number of recent natural disasters. »


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