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‘This is not your land’ – Thousands join funeral procession for Palestinians killed following IDF raid in Jenin

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« Thousands of people marched through the streets of Jenin on Wednesday to pay the final tribute to the Palestinian young men killed after a raid by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).
Footage shows locals marching with guns and flags and carrying the bodies of the dead men, as well as paying their last tribute to the ones who died during the funeral ceremony. It also features the damages to vehicles and houses caused by the raid.
« Our message to the occupation is that this is not your land; Jerusalem is an Islamic sanctity, and if Jenin Camp couldn’t defeat you today, then the Gaza Strip will definitely do tomorrow. Muslim fighters from all over the Islamic world will come and fight you. We are also conveying a message to the inactive Islamic countries that are silently and cowardly witnessing the killing of men, women, and Palestine, » said a Palestinian resistance fighter from Jenin.
“We have a government that lacks both courage and strength. However, we have a powerful resistance force in Gaza so that [Israeli forces] do not dare to attack. We have mini-Gaza in Jenin Camp, and also we have Gaza all over Palestine. We support Gaza, and Gaza supports us. If a resistance fighter is martyred in Jenin Camp, other fighters in Jerusalem and Hebron mourn him,” he added.
According to local media reports, four people died and another 30 were wounded following the raid in Jenin’s refugee camp on Monday night.
It is also reported that the Israeli forces surrounded two houses and bombed them with several missiles. »

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