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‘We need that kind of cooperation’ – US Army and Japan Ground Self-Defense Force launch annual Orient Shield exercise

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« The armed forces of the United States and Japan engaged in joint training exercises in Hokkaido on Wednesday, as part of their annual Orient Shield training program.
The Orient Shield Exercise is the largest bilateral field training exercise involving the U.S. Army and the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF).
Footage captured during the training showcases soldiers carrying weapons and preparing missile launchers.
« The Army forces of US Army at the Pacific, and the JGSDF (Japan Ground Self Defense Force) that’s where we gain, that’s where we increase our readiness together, that’s how we learn from the various new concept capabilities that are being employed and deployed here, » said General Charles A. Flynn, U.S. Army Pacific Commanding General, in a press conference held during the field training exercise.
« The threats that exist out here in this region right now, they require land forces army coming together in an exercise like Orient Shield to increase our readiness together, our combined multilateral multinational and joint capabilities on the land with armies right now. We need that kind of cooperation, that kind of unity and that kind of collective commitment in training so that we can rehearse, practice the things that we could likely be asked to do in the future, » he added.
The Orient Shield 23 exercises take place at different locations across Japan and aim to improve the coordination and cooperation between the U.S. and Japanese military forces, according to local sources.
The Orient Shield 2023 exercises represent the 38th iteration of this annual Japan-based joint military exercise between Tokyo and Washington, dating back to its establishment in 1985. »

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