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Drive of your life! Beijing hosts 2023 World Conference on Intelligent Connected Vehicles

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« The World Conference on Connected Intelligent Vehicles 2023 commenced in Beijing, with the primary objective of promoting Chinese intelligent vehicles for global adoption.
The event featured demonstrations of cutting-edge self-driving vehicles, including Xpeng’s flying car, MOGO’s self-driving bus, and Meituan’s self-driving delivery vehicles, as captured footage on Thursday shows.
Xpeng’s Brand Director, Zhang Yongjiu, highlighted the capabilities of their flying car, stating, « It has two ways of driving modes, one is manual, the other is automatic. This flying car is mainly self-driving, can complete one-button take-off and landing, one-click cruising, can set routes and destinations, and the whole process can be completed at the click of a button. »
The 2023 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference in Beijing’s Shunyi district, running from September 20 to 24, aims to promote the commercialization of Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICVs).
It will include four summits addressing various aspects of ICV development.
The conference will also host the China International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Exhibition, featuring eight major exhibition areas covering AI, vehicle chips, software, and more. The event aims to establish a global standard for ICV commercialization and will introduce a cross-departmental coordination symposium and showcase innovative achievements in the field, as reported by local media. »


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