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Gold, Silver, and Swarovski – Iranian man elevates car engine to a work of art

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« Ahmad Tehrani, a resident of Iran, has turned heads by adorning his car’s engine with opulent materials.
The engine boasts an exquisite blend of gold, silver, and an array of 800 Swarovski jewels and crystals, creating a truly unique automotive masterpiece.
Captured footage recorded on a Wednesday in Tehran, showcases the car’s distinctive engine, an automotive marvel that incorporates Swarovski jewels, gold, silver, and Czech Crystals in its design.
“We put 800 Swarovski jewels on the crystal objects in the car’s engine. We used two Opal and Moissanite gemstones inside the car, each of these two gemstones’ bases consisted of 12 grams of pure silver and 2 grams of pure gold. In addition to these, we used two Czech crystals inside the car’s engine which have beautiful lightning inside them that doubled the beauty of the car,” said Tehrani.
Tehrani emphasised that maintaining such classic cars, including his prized creation, deviates from conventional car maintenance routines. Specific precautions are essential, such as safeguarding the tires beneath the car jack and ensuring they remain covered. Any repairs or enhancements to the vehicle require meticulous consideration. At present, Tehrani’s primary focus is on preserving the vehicle and planning future upgrades.
« I spent around one billion two hundred million Toman (Around $25,000) on the car since 9 years ago when I started working on it. The first motivation to do this was my interest in doing it. The price that was estimated for this car is three billion Toman (Around $60,000). I never intended to sell this car. I want to keep it and its financial aspects don’t matter to me,” shared Tehrani.
The Iranian enthusiast shared the car’s video on social media, and it rapidly gained 10 million views, sparking immense interest among friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.
Tehrani believes that his creation has made a positive impression on society, with many expressing their fascination and a widespread desire to witness the car in person.
Tehrani declared that every aspect of the car was a product of his creativity and ideas, with no replication of others’ work.
His determination to transform the typically overlooked and grimy car engine into a pristine work of art was made nine years ago. His goal was to bestow unusual uniqueness upon his vehicle through his distinctive design. »


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