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‘This issue must be resolved’ – Thousands of Greeks rally against government’s new labour law in Athens

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« Thousands of Greek civil servants took to the streets of central Athens on Thursday during a 24-hour strike against the Mitsotakis government’s new labour law proposal.
Footage shows large crowds of demonstrators outside the Greek Parliament on Syntagma Square. Later, protesters were seen chanting as they marched with banners reading: ‘It is a government of murderers that we must overthrow’.
« It is a bill that abolishes the eight-hour day and establishes the work of 13 hours a day and 78 hours a week. It effectively abolishes the five-day work week and further criminalises union activity » said Dimitris Bratis, a trade unionist.
“This issue must be resolved and the government must give us a clear answer as to what it is preparing for us, » added firefighter, Stefanos Gkaziouras
Public transport experienced disruptions in the Greek capital as civil servants, including doctors and nurses, staged a mass walkout to demand the withdrawal of the new labour legislation.
The new rules, which are currently being debated in parliament, could pass into law by the end of the week. The bill would allow full-time workers to take a second job and work up to 13 hours per day.
Employees could also be fired without warning within their first year in a job, according to the new legislation. It would also introduce a six-month jail term for people who obstruct employees entering the workplace during a strike. »


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