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Time to play! Video games fans get plugged in for record-breaking Tokyo trade show

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« Thousands of gaming enthusiasts, both from Japan and abroad, descended upon the Tokyo Game Show 2023 on Thursday, marking the event’s first edition since Japan lifted its COVID-19 travel restrictions.
Footage shows gamers eagerly queuing up for a chance to get their hands on upcoming game releases. The Exhibition booth was adorned with screens and prominent signs showcasing the latest and most anticipated games in the industry.
“In recent years, the number of people who play games on smartphones has increased enormously worldwide, and as a smartphone manufacturer, we want to actively support the gaming experience as well,” said Kento Takura, Game Experience Planner at SONY/EXPERIA, expressing his thoughts on the evolving gaming landscape.
“It’s been really, really interesting; a lot of games, a lot of new games, a lot of old games. Beautiful and handsome cosplays around, around here…and yeah, it’s really, really hot,” said Teemu Kokkonen, a gamer and game developer from Finger Sof, sharing his enthusiasm.
According to media reports, the four-day expo is set to host a record-breaking 700 exhibitors and nearly 3,000 booths, as confirmed by the event’s organisers. Anticipating the return of in-person attendees, a total of 200,000 visitors are expected to grace the event, marking a substantial increase from the nearly 140,000 visitors last year when COVID-19 restrictions forced attendance limits. »

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