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Two killed, several injured in explosions as clashes erupt in Colombia following news on ceasefire

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« Two people were killed and two others injured in a car bomb explosion near a police station in the town of Timba on Wednesday, while another explosion at a military command post in Suarez, southwest Colombia, left several soldiers and civilians injured.
These incidents followed clashes between the FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army) guerrilla, army troops, and police that began on the night of Tuesday, shortly after the conclusion of a 72-hour ceasefire that marked the start of a peace dialogue between the guerrilla group and the national government.
Oscar Edwin Lopez Sanchez, the Municipal Mayor of Buenos Aires in Cauca, expressed concern over the violence, stating, « We do not want to allow these types of situations to continue happening in our municipality and therefore we categorically reject all these violent acts that have been happening. »
He also called for increased state presence, not only in the military aspect but also in social investments, highlighting the need for stability and peace in the region.
Colombia’s government and EMC-FARC, a breakaway faction of the former FARC rebels, will restart peace talks and a 10-month ceasefire on October 8. The talks will reportedly be held in Tibu near the Venezuelan border.
EMC-FARC, gaining power post-2016, is active in drug trafficking, illegal mining, and attacks on Colombian forces.
A prior ceasefire (from December 31, 2022) ended in May after EMC-FARC killed four forcibly recruited indigenous boys. The group has about 3,000 members, primarily in Caqueta, Guaviare, Meta, and Putumayo provinces. »


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