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Wonder Women! Ecuador’s Indigenous female guardians defend Amazon from mining

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« Yuturi Warmi, the pioneering indigenous guard in Ecuador led by women in Napo, emerged in 2020 when a group of women from the Serena Kichwa community united to protect their land in the Amazon from mining activities.
Footage filmed on Wednesday features the Yuturi Warmi walking through forests and seashores, protecting their territory as a small army of a unique sort.
The Yuturi Warmi was created with the primary purpose of defending their ancestral lands against the intrusion of mining activities. The name ‘Yuturi Warmi’ is drawn from a species of ants that remain peaceful but can fiercely defend their territory when threatened.
Elsa Cerda, a prominent leader of Yuturi Warmi, emphasised their distinctiveness as warrior women.
“We differ from men because we are warrior women. Women can lead, fight for a cause, and refuse to be swayed or negotiated with. This is the essence of being a woman, and this is our battle because women today represent the global voice,” She said.
The greatest danger faced by Yuturi Warmi is the looming presence of mining companies near their territory. They tirelessly strive day and night to ensure that these companies do not gain access to their precious land, surrounded by the vital elements of the river, jungle, stones, and trees that sustain their lives.
What began with fourteen women has now expanded to include a dedicated group of thirty-five females. Elsa Cerda envisions further growth in their network, extending their outreach to women from diverse communities, and sharing the wisdom and resilience of their ongoing struggle. Their ultimate goal is to conserve and revitalize their precious Amazonian homeland.
Hailing from Serena, an indigenous community situated along the banks of the Jatunyacu River in the Upper Napo River region of the Ecuadorian Amazon, these fierce women have united to safeguard their territory, protect their rivers from pollution, and preserve their precious jungle from destruction. »


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