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EC President Michel calls to amend UN Charter as Russia’s veto power ‘paralyses Security Council’

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« Charles Michel, President of the European Council, advocated for an urgent reform of the UN Charter during his intervention at the UN General Assembly held in New York, as he said Russia’s veto power ‘paralyses the Security Council’.
« I call for an amendment to the UN Charter. Firstly, with regard to the veto power in its current form, it is being abused. It paralyses the Security Council », Michel said. « And the permanent members of the Security Council act with impunity in flagrant violation of the Charter and international law. They may even abuse their veto power to prevent sanctions against themselves and even use the Security Council to spread propaganda, disinformation and lies », he added.
Michel also stressed that ‘the Kremlin acts with total impunity, but the time for justice will come’.
The General Debate at the 78th session hears from around 140 world leaders on a range of global and regional issues, including Ukraine, climate change, political upheaval in West Africa, economic instability, and several recent natural disasters. »

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