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French FM comments on Ukraine war, climate, military action in Nagorno-Karabakh at UNGA

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« Catherine Colonna, Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, addressed the United Nations General Assembly on thursday in New York City.
Commenting on the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Colonna said that “nothing morally nor legally can ever justify invading its neighbour, attempting annexations through unworthy maneuvers, and martyrising the population,” adding that “what we see is the expression of pure brutality, capable of using all weapons, even those of hunger, to try to resuscitate its imperialist chimera.”
“If we allow our common principles to be transgressed there, they will be transgressed everywhere,” she continued.
Speaking on climate, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs said that “storms, fires, and floods have marked this year worldwide and caused tens of thousands of victims,” stressing that “we can’t look away. On the contrary, we must act quickly and collectively in the face of these common challenges, which spare no nation on this planet.”
The French top diplomat also commented about the ongoing dispute in Nagorno-Karabakh, where “the international community must ensure that a population that has suffered nine months of an implacable blockade, which has seen a campaign of bombings and destruction, can see its rights and security finally guaranteed,” adding that “the threats made against Armenia itself and attacks on its territory now already documented must stop.” »


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