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Govt spox reveals Germany’s response to increased irregular migration at Polish border

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« Amidst a surge in irregular migration at the Polish border, the German government is actively evaluating strategies to address the situation, as announced by the government spokesperson during a press conference in Berlin on Friday.
The German government is assessing strategies to manage a surge in irregular migration at the Polish border, according to a spokesperson.
Maximilian Kall, the Spokesman for the Federal Minister of Interior and Head of the Press Department, provided insights into the government’s response. He highlighted the importance of seeking clarification from Polish counterparts regarding the issuance of visas to individuals from specific countries of origin. This clarification aligns with the European Commission’s expectations and deadlines.
« The EU interior ministers will see each other next Thursday and I think at the latest then we will also know more about the new route it is true that we detect a large number of unauthorized entries at the German-Polish border and always ask how we react to this. We have already reacted to this in recent months with greatly increased measures of the Federal Police the additional hundreds, there are such lists, » said Maximilian Kall, Spokesman for the Federal Minister of Interior and Head of the Press Department.
Kall explained that he desired comprehensive monitoring of the entire German-Polish border region.
« I would like to monitor the entire German-Polish border area. The entire German-Polish border area was part of a covert investigation in order to be present in the entire border area as I said, additional hundreds of the Federal Police were needed to be able to do the same with these personnel reinforcements. There are also many joint measures with Poland, there are police joint centres where the investigations converge, » he explained.
In 2023, the number of individuals illegally entering Germany from Poland has reportedly exceeded 14,000.
This significant influx has sparked concerns among regional lawmakers, who are urging the government to address what they perceive as uncontrolled irregular migration. Local authorities have expressed their inability to manage the growing pressure on reception centres, calling for immediate action. As a response, local lawmakers are advocating for the establishment of permanent border checks to regain control over the situation, according to local media. »

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