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‘Not the values of our country!’ – Israeli community protests as Netanyahu addresses UNGA in NYC

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« Thousands of members of the Israeli community protested in front of the United Nations headquarters in New York on Friday, as the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to address the UN General Assembly.
According to media reports, the rally became one of the biggest demonstrations for Israeli democracy and against Netanyahu’s government judiciary reform held outside the country.
« Democracy is something that America and Israel value. His values are not the values of our country », said one of the demonstrators.
Mass protests against the government’s judicial overhaul have been ongoing since it was announced at the start of the year. Critics argue that the changes will undermine democracy, particularly as the PM himself faces corruption charges, which he strongly denies.
The current administration says the changes will provide more balance to the branches of power, restricting the courts’ ability to override the government. At the end of July, parliament passed a law restricting the Supreme Court’s power to declare government decisions ‘unreasonable’.
On September 12, the Supreme Court held its first hearing on petitions challenging the law. All 15 Supreme Court judges convened for the historic showdown, eventually deciding to give the parties 21 days to add to their arguments. »

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