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‘Romania, wake up!’ – Bucharest’s unionised law enforcement officers rally for improved pay and legal protections

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« Hundreds of unionised law enforcement officers gathered in central Bucharest on Thursday to voice their demands for improved working conditions, legal safeguards, and better pay.
Footage shows participants marching and gathering in front of the Labour Ministry building while carrying flags, banners reading ‘We are sick of your lies, it’s time for salary rights!’, ‘Romania, wake up!’ and ‘Respect for those who protect you’, among others.
« We don’t agree with the austerity measures of the Romanian government, we don’t want jobs cut, especially in protection, defence and national security », said the president of the Prisons Union Administration Cosmin Dorobantu.
« We are here for our salary rights which haven’t been paid since 2018, some of them since 2009. These salaries are part of an organic law signed by the Romanian president, which is not applied by the government », expressed Romanian Police Union Petre Burlacu.
This marks the second protest of its kind, following a previous demonstration on September 12. »

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