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Running on gas! Nigerian engineer upgrades petrol generators amid high fuel prices

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« A student engineer Muktar Mohammed helps locals convert their petrol generators to gas in Abuja, as high fuel prices in Nigeria and crippling power outages are driving the population to seek for alternative energy sources.
The footage filmed on Thursday shows the engineer working with the generator and upgrading it.
« Nobody called me and told me about the disadvantages. Whoever calls me is appreciating he has a very cheap expense for that gas. Before, if you are spending like 10,000 in petrol so in gas, you know, reach to three to four, five thousand so it’s half of it and you’ll get the deduction of, I think, it’s like 50 percent to 100 percent, » said Muktar.
He went on to explain that many people believe that because this idea has garnered significant attention, there must be both advantages and disadvantages of the innovation. However, upon careful comparison, he claimed that the disadvantages are outnumbered by the advantages.
« Since although I’m not the first person that starting doing these things, even if I’m not the first person started doing all these things, but I play a very good role on it because if you don’t have knowledge on things so you will not fix it. If you don’t have knowledge and you fix it, you get a problem. So, since I started this thing I did not face any problem on it, » he went on.
In Nigeria, a significant oil and gas producer, the consistency of grid power supply is reportedly unreliable, so about 75 percent of electricity consumed in the country comes from diesel and petrol-powered generators, stated the Society for Planet and Prosperity (SPP) report.
According to the information provided by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Nigeria is considered the highest premium motor spirit (PMS) and diesel generator importer in Africa.
However, due to power shortages, caused by a variety of factors, many households and businesses resort to self-power generation, using diesel and gasoline generator sets as a backup. According to the IRENA report, 84 percent of urban households use backup power supply systems such as fossil gasoline generators, while 86 percent of the companies in Nigeria own or share a generator. »


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