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‘Trojan horse that exacerbates the crisis’ – Surge in migration sparks Bundestag debate on new measures to curb arrivals

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« The German Parliament held a heated discussion on a new migration policy proposed by the CDU/CSU opposition group, with one member accusing the current interior minister of being part of the problem, during a debate in the Bundestag in Berlin on Friday.
CSU member Alexander Dobrindt expressed concerns about the rising number of asylum seekers, the strain it placed on municipalities and highlighted the importance of addressing the challenges through policy changes.
« In Europe, [Interior Minister] Mrs. [Nancy] Faeser is not a driving force when it comes to migration policy, but rather she is the Trojan horse that exacerbates the migration crisis, that is the situation, » he claimed.
Faeser responded by emphasising the responsibility of democracy and the need to address the plight of people threatened by war and terrorism.
« Over 200,000 asylum applications have already been submitted this year by August, » she said. « There are currently more than a million refugees from Ukraine living in Germany, who, by the way, have not been mentioned here at all by you. In addition, the Federal Police recorded 56,052 unauthorised entries into Germany including July; and the latest figures on human trafficking crime – the Federal Police identified around 1,300 cases with 1,400 smugglers by the end of July this year. These figures show that yes, we are called upon at all levels to restrict irregular migration. »
The CDU/CSU parliamentary union is advocating for a significant shift in Germany’s migration policy. They have proposed a comprehensive set of measures aimed at curbing irregular migration.
One of the key aspects of their proposal is to expand the list of countries classified as ‘safe countries of origin.’ It also includes the establishment of fixed border controls and the deployment of mobile border patrols along the borders with Poland, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier recently advocated for a fair distribution of migrants arriving in Europe during his visit to Italy. However, last week, Germany suspended its agreement with Italy on migration redistribution, citing the overwhelming pressure both countries face due to the influx of migrants. »


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