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Vibrant watermelon lanterns illuminate Pinghu’s Annual Cultural Festival

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« The 2023 Pinghu Watermelon Lantern Cultural Festival kicked off on Thursday in Jiaxing with a grand opening, ushering in a week of festivities filled with cultural displays, economic talks, and sporting events.
With the theme ‘Innovation and Endeavor, Brilliant Pearl,’ this year’s festival boasts over 20 engaging activities, grouped into three main sections: ‘Starting a New Chapter,’ ‘Celebrating Nature’s Beauty,’ and ‘Embracing the Autumn Moon,’ as reported by local media.
The Pinghu Watermelon Lantern Festival, an age-old tradition dating back to the Qing Dynasty is renowned for its exquisite watermelon lanterns. These lanterns boast intricate designs showcasing characters, animals, flowers, and birds. To create them, watermelons are carved, hollowed out, and decorated using colourful paper and various artistic methods. The result is a visually captivating display, as captured footage shows.
« This is the first time I came to Jiaxing Pinghu, specifically to see the watermelon lanterns, I feel very good, and it is also the first time to experience the feeling of such lanterns, are fresh watermelons carved with a variety of patterns, there are small rabbits and flowers and grass, as well as other animals, » said Zhang, a local.
Economic discussions are reportedly a key feature of this annual festival, focusing on investment and trade negotiations, as well as the initiation, completion, and launch of major projects. These endeavours not only boost confidence in development but also stimulate the city’s economic growth.
Beyond its economic significance, the Watermelon Lantern Cultural Festival serves as a platform for Pinghu to foster connections with both domestic and international investors while spotlighting the city’s rich heritage, according to local sources. »


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