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Colombia bids farewell to artist Fernando Botero, funeral plans and final resting place revealed

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« A funeral service took place at the National Capitol in Bogota on Friday to bid farewell to the late Colombian artist and sculptor, Fernando Botero.
The commemorative ceremonies are expected to extend over a week.
During the service, Lina Botero, the daughter of Fernando Botero, delivered a message, stating, « Until the last moment, my father remained terrified and worried about the country. Trying to provide others with the same opportunities that made a difference for him over the years of his life. »
« This is why the multiple scholarships he offered for young artists and musicians, and this is why the museums allow Colombians the possibility of appreciating first-hand, a masterpiece by the world’s great artists. This is why he discreetly worked as a philanthropist in favour of the elderly and poor children of Colombia, » she continued.
The artist’s remains will lie in state until Sunday in a public-accessible congressional chamber located in Bogota’s historic centre.Following the services in Bogota, Fernando Botero will be cremated in his hometown of Medellin.His ashes are set to be laid to rest in Pietrasanta, Italy, alongside his wife, Greek artist Sophia Vari, who sadly passed away in May, as reported by local media sources.
The artist passed away in Monaco on September 15 at the age of 91. »


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