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‘Just another episode of a sexist culture’ – Protest against sexual harassment following disturbing video at Sao Paulo University

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« A protest to denounce sexual harassment was held outside Santo Amaro University (UNISA) in Sao Paulo on Friday following a video of students performing ‘collective masturbation’ during a women’s volleyball match at the medical school.
« This episode was not an isolated event, it was just another episode of a sexist culture that exists inside and outside the university, and we are here proposing ways to combat this, demanding an end of violence against women, asking UNISA (Santo Amaro University) to take concrete measures to punish those involved, because only then will we prevent episodes like these from occurring, » said Bianca, one of the protesters.
Last week, the university reportedly identified and expelled several male medical students who were caught performing an act described as ‘collective masturbation.’ The incident occurred during a women’s volleyball match that was part of CaloMed, a sports competition between universities held last April.
« Images like the ones we saw at university games cannot be repeated. We want to and are even demanding and building a national protocol so that cases like these do not happen again, » Manuela Mirella, the President of the National Student Union explained.
Images from the incident, however, only began to circulate recently prompting the university to take measures against the culprits. In the footage, around 20 men appeared to be running on the court with their pants down and simulating an Olympic tour while touching their private parts, according to local media sources. »


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