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‘Stop corporate greed’ – Protesters stage strike outside General Motors Plant in Texas, demanding pay raise

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« Members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union initiated a strike in Arlington, Texas on Friday, against General Motors and Chrysler’s parent company, Stellantis, demanding a pay raise.
Footage shows demonstrators holding banners and signs bearing messages such as ‘Stand with autoworkers,’ ‘Stop corporate greed,’ and ‘UAW on strike.’
« We’ve been surviving for a long time. Some of us have two, or three jobs just to survive. GM used to be one of the top companies to work for as far as paid benefits and everything and now we’re at the bottom so it’s unfortunate that we had to come to this in order to come to an agreement with GM in order to get what we need. » said Brice McHill, one of the protesters on strike.
The United Auto Workers union has extended its strikes to target both General Motors and Stellantis while maintaining a more limited walkout at a single Ford plant. This decision was based on progress made in negotiations, as announced by the union on Friday.
« CEO, President, everybody makes millions of dollars and we’re basically asking for a pay raise that’s it to live comfortably, and we can’t, not for what we’re making, » stated Martha Rodriguez another protester.
Reports indicate that the strike is set to impact GM’s and Stellantis’s 38 parts and distribution centres spread across 20 states.These distribution centres play a crucial role in supplying parts to dealerships for vehicle repairs. Consequently, this development has the potential to swiftly disrupt dealerships’ ability to carry out repairs, a significant source of their profitability. »

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