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‘We are here today because of democracy’ – Protesters rally outside UN HQ, demand release of Imran Khan

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« Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the United Nations headquarters in New York City on Friday to protest human rights violations in Pakistan and demand the release of Imran Khan.
This came in light of the rescheduling of Pakistan’s general elections, originally slated for November, but now postponed to late January.
Footage shows protesters assembled to denounce the situation in the country holding flags of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party, founded by former Prime Minister Imran Khan.
« We are here to protest because of human rights violations in Pakistan, » said Shima, a protester.
« Imran Khan is working for the poor people, he is working for democracy, he wants democracy, he wants free elections in Pakistan. That’s why everyone in Pakistan should support Imran Khan. We are here today because of democracy because we want free elections in Pakistan, » he added.
The demonstrators also voiced their concerns about the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif, accusing him of alleged acts of genocide and human rights abuses. They called for the release of Imran Khan, who has faced legal challenges.
The participation of Imran Khan, now the main opposition leader, in Pakistan’s upcoming general elections slated for January 2024 remains uncertain. This uncertainty arises from his previous conviction in a corruption case in August, although a court has since suspended his three-year sentence.
Khan is accused of exposing a classified document during a rally last year; a confidential diplomatic cable, commonly referred to as ‘cipher’, sent by Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States.
He alleged that the cable proved the US had colluded with Pakistan’s military to orchestrate his removal from power, due to his visit to Russia – which both Washington and the army deny.
The Pakistani court extended Khan’s judicial custody until September 26 in the special hearing on Wednesday, September 13. His lawyers alleged that holding the hearing inside the jail violates his right to a fair trial. »


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