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49th BMW Berlin Marathon concludes with elite runners pursuing world records amidst large spectator turnouts and climate protests

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« The 49th BMW Berlin Marathon welcomed about 48 thousand of runners from 156 nations drew the cheers of up to a million spectators along the route on Saturday.
The footage features the participants starting the winding course of the city marathon from Vitoria Column and finishing at Berlin Brandenburg Gate square with supporters cheering along the way.
The marathon attendees witnessed an astounding pace right from the start with elite runners aiming for world records. Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge, a superstar in the world of marathon running at the age of 38, completed the first 5 kilometres in an 14 minutes and 11 seconds – a pace that’s under two hours for the entire marathon.
« We saw Kipchoge, and then we trekked with our son, unfortunately, our son was an hour slower but nothing to spite. Nothing to spite, it was super. It was an absolutely great result, to complete it with 40 minutes on one side but it is to be improved upon we are totally proud that he was able to complete 42 kilometres. But it is a great organisation, super weather, amazing city, we came happily here, » said some supporters.
According to media reports, there was an attempt by climate activists to disrupt the event. The protesters, who allegedly tried to obstruct the route by attaching themselves to the street, were swiftly dealt with by the police, ensuring that the marathon’s start was not delayed.
The activists, associated with the Last Generation group, had banners but did not mention any glue-related attempt in their press release. »


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