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‘Current politics will have deadly consequences’ – ‘Last Generation’ activists encounter police dispersal at Berlin rally

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« Dozens of ‘Last Generation’ movement supporters took to the streets of Berlin, calling upon the German federal government to take immediate action to combat climate change.
Footage shows the protesters marching through the city while carrying banners reading ‘Away from fossil fuels towards fairness’ and ‘Current politics will have deadly consequences,’ among others. Their demonstration culminated in a sit-in on the road, which was later dispersed by the police, resulting in the arrest of one protester.
« We are here on the protest march because we do not accept the government’s disregard for the constitution, and it is a good start for us to take to the streets and not be deterred. Of course, we must continue to sit down and stick to the streets. But today it is agreed that we take to the streets, » said the protester who was later arrested.
The organisation’s primary objective is to draw attention to the looming climate crisis and the pressing need for the Scholz government to take action.
The protesters reportedly blocked Potsdamer Street for several hours, making their message impossible to ignore.
Over recent months, ‘Last Generation’ activists have generated controversy through a series of protests and bold actions across Germany. They are well-known for their direct action, with members glueing themselves to roads and blocking traffic. »


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