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‘Educational change now!’ – Thousands march through streets in Berlin to demand reforms, better working conditions

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« Thousands of teachers, students, and parents took to the streets of Berlin on Saturday to demand improvements in Germany’s education system as well as better working conditions in daycare centres, schools, and universities.
Under the slogan ‘Educational change now!’ participants gathered near the Brandenburg Gate and marched toward the Red City Hall, as seen in the footage.
They chanted slogans like ‘We are here, we are loud, while you are stealing our education!’ The demonstrators called for increased government investment in modernising the underfunded education system and addressing the growing shortage of teachers to secure a better future for children.
« We would like to have more teachers, who could teach these children. We would also like to get material resources to set up classrooms. These things we are not getting, » Janina Apwich, a kindergarten teacher, said.
Similar actions were repeatedly planned in over 20 other cities across Germany on the same day. »

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