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It’s a girl! Moscow Zoo determines sex of red-listed panda’s cub

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« A gender party was held at the Moscow Zoo on Saturday. The vets determined the red-listed panda’s cub to be a girl.

The mother and daughter were separated for a while for the zoo doctors to carry out all necessary tests and measurements of the little panda’s height and weight.

« We now know the panda cub’s sex! Today is exactly one month since it was born. And the day before the zoologists examined [the cub] and determined its sex: it is a girl! » Svetlana Akulova, General Director of the Moscow Zoo, said in her Telegram channel.

She added that in order to be examined the cub was taken to a specially equipped incubator where necessary temperature and humidity were sustained. For the little one’s comfort, she was provided with diapers and massage pads. To keep the mother calm while her baby was away, she was distracted with the most delicious bamboo, while the doctors tried to carry out the tests as quickly as possible.

The zoo also reported that since the baby panda was born, she had been monitored along with her mother Ding Ding around the clock. Special attention to the mother and the cub was paid during the first days, when Ding Ding hid her baby and tried to keep still so as not to disturb the newborn.

« Ding Ding has rested, and the baby has developed a coat, better thermoregulation, her mom lets her crawl out, [she] keeps on calmly eating bamboo while holding the baby with her other paw, and she even sleeps in a way to have her baby on top of her, fully exposed. Both feel fine », the zoo specified.

The cub is now 14.5 inches (36 cm) long, weighing 2,8 lb (1,3 kg).

« Our Chinese colleagues confirmed that all parameters are normal, the baby is growing and developing correctly and proportionally, gaining weight well, » the zoo added.

Russia’s first giant panda cub was born on August 30, while parents Ding Ding and Ruyi were brought to Moscow from Beijing in 2019.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping both attended the opening ceremony of the ‘China Fauna’ pavilion at the Moscow Zoo.

In the wild, giant pandas are found exclusively in China, although many are leased to other countries. Ding Ding and Ruyi were transferred to the zoo as part of a scientific programme for the preservation and breeding of the rare species.


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