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Kosovo strengthens security measures in response to alleged ‘terrorist attack’

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« Kosovo’s Special Police (ROSU) units, equipped with long weapons, were deployed in the northern region on Sunday near Banjska, where their armoured vehicles are stationed.
Footage captured on the scene shows ROSU officers, bearing long-barreled weapons, and armoured vehicles positioned along the highway, underscoring the intensified security measures.
Before this deployment, reports of gunfire emerged in Banjska, exacerbating the already tense situation in the area. These developments followed an earlier incident in which security forces surrounded a group of at least 30 armed individuals in the northern village of Banjska, following the fatal shooting of a police officer in Kosovo.
Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, has described this incident as a ‘terrorist attack’ and has issued a call for the armed individuals to surrender. He has also raised allegations of Serbia’s involvement in supporting the attack, further fueling regional tensions.
The recent unrest in Kosovo has its roots in violent clashes that erupted following a disputed local election in May. EU-mediated political talks aimed at stabilising the situation have stalled, and Kosovo’s declaration of independence in 2008 remains unrecognised by Serbia, China, Russia, and others. »

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