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Locals mourn two Palestinians killed by Israeli military in Tulkarm devastating raid *DISTRESSING CONTENT*

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« Thousands of people gathered for the funeral of two Palestinian citizens who were killed by Israeli forces during a military operation in the Nour Shams Camp, located east of Tulkarm, on Sunday.
The operation resulted in significant damage to homes and streets in the area, as seen in the footage.
“It was a huge explosion. The shrapnel and bullets affected our houses and broke the windows. We had no idea what had happened. We were awake all night long. We were sitting in one room but moved to another,” explained Fathi Abu Shaara, an affected citizen.
According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the victims were identified as 32-year-old Abd al-Rahman Abu Daghash, who was critically injured by Israeli ammunition to the head and later died at Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital in Tulkarm, and 21-year-old Osaid Abu Ali, who was also killed due to a gunshot wound to the head.
Hamas confirmed that one of the deceased, Abu Ali, was a member of its armed wing.
The Israeli forces, accompanied by military bulldozers, conducted a major incursion into the camp amid heavy gunfire, resulting in damage to the main road and infrastructure.
The Israeli military stated that their operation was aimed at ‘counterterrorism activities’ within the camp. They reported dismantling an operational command centre and uncovering explosive devices and bomb-making components.
Over the past year, the West Bank has experienced ongoing violence, including Israeli military raids, settler attacks on Palestinian villages, and Palestinian attacks on Israeli citizens. »


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