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New York City authorities relocate migrants staying in shelters amid new arrivals and overwhelmed system

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« Migrants staying in shelters of the New York City are being evicted amidst new arrivals and an overburdened system.
Footage filmed on Saturday shows migrants exiting the hotel and gathering in front of the entrance as well as walking in the street under rain.
According to the media reports, New York City is currently experiencing an unprecedented migration crisis leading to local politicians scrambling to contain the influx.
As of August, the number of homeless people in New York was estimated at 80,000, according to the Coalition for the Homeless, a number which represents an increase of 18 percent compared to 2022.
Due to the saturation of New York City’s reception system fuelled by the migration crisis, the city is gradually seeing an increase in the number of tents set up on the streets.
The city’s mayor Eric Adams stated that the Big Apple had registered at least 90,000 asylum seekers in a year as more migrants continue to arrive every day. »


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